I know how confusing things can get when you’re dating. You want to come across as interested, but not desperate. You want to appear confident (even if you’re not). You’re pretty sure you like this person, but you can’t tell how they feel about you.

There’s someone you’re talking to right now...

Maybe you’ve been on a couple dates, maybe more?

You wish you had someone who could just spy on your conversations and tell you what’s going on. You want to know how to put your best foot forward. Your friends are well-meaning, but their input isn’t always so helpful. It’s time for some expert advice.

That’s where I come in.

I'm a Dating Coach for people like you who are tired of being single and ready to find your life partner. I help you date smarter so you can find the person you want to share your life with.

With Translate My Date, you’ll get a fresh perspective on what’s going on with your date. You’ll finally know whether to step forward, pull back, ask for more, or cut and run. (And we’ll get as close to spying as possible without a hidden video camera.)

After Translate My Date, you will:

No more games.

It’s time to know where you stand and date with confidence.

Translate My Date includes...

This is where the spying comes in. You’ll fill out a questionnaire and give me all the details about what’s going on with you and your date. You can even include screen-shots of texts between you, so I can see the actual words and phrases you are each using. You’ll let me know your biggest questions and concerns so I can review the info you’re giving me with my expert focus.

During our 90 minute session, we’ll get even deeper into the dynamic of what’s going on. You’ll give me any updates. Then, I’ll give it to you straight and tell you what I see. You’ll learn how you’re coming across, whether your date is interested, and what is the best next step for your specific situation. You’ll also learn the top 3 questions to ask yourself every time you’re confused about whoever you’re dating.


Within 24 hours after we meet, you’ll receive an outline of what we talked about. You’ll walk away with new insights into what’s going on and you’ll know exactly how to move forward. I’ll even write you a script of what to say or text, and your next few moves based on your date’s responses.

You can understand what’s going on with your date and move forward with courage and confidence.

Your Investment: $99

Ready to get started? Here are your next steps:

  1. Click the “sign up!” button to start the process.
  2. After clicking that button, you will be taken to a page where you can schedule your session with me, make your payment, and fill out the Dating Detective Questionnaire.
  3. We’ll have our Private Coaching Session on the phone or video (your preference).
  4. Twenty four hours after our session, you’ll get notes outlining what we talked about, a script of what to say next, and suggestions of how to move forward.

Have a question about this package? Email me.