Pella, Thank you for being my teacher, my guide and my confidante! You've taught me to peel away the layers of fear and discern who I am meant to be." - Felice

Pella, Thank You for giving us the space to put ourselves out there, letting ourselves be seen and transforming our lives. You are a dynamic facilitator. Thank you for creating this group that acknowledges our individual strengths but constructively highlights areas we can improve to achieve our desired outcomes. In the short time I have known you, you have helped me recognize my self-worth and restored my confidence in myself and my ability to have a relationship with someone that is deserving. “ - P. Green

Dear Pella, I wanted to let you know that J~ and I (the one I met during our group) decided to be in a committed relationship and are falling in love:) He and I are both on the same page and can openly discuss our emotions. Even though I have my own fears about moving forward, since working with you I feel so much more confident that I can cope with these things ( with his support too!) and move forward with love and abundance, even if this relationship should not work out. " - Jill

Pella is amazing. I first met her at one of her workshops and knew immediately that I wanted to work with her, she's so warm and open-hearted with a huge dose of humor. Having a coach is so terrific! Finally, there is someone to help me stop repeating the dating mistakes I made for years. If you want to strengthen your body, you go to a workout coach. If you want to strengthen your dating radar for the right people and the best communication skills, you go to a dating coach. It's as simple as that. Now I can date with more confidence, knowing I have a place to turn with my confusion or uncertainty during the process“ - Wendy

I was hesitant about whether I would fit in and if the group would meet my needs. I am now open to dating (I wasn’t before), and I have changed in so many other ways. For my entire life I believed I had to be different, to act different, to change just a little bit more to deserve love. But finally, I realized (was taught by Pella), we ALL deserve love, even me, even in our imperfect states. I would definitely recommend this group because it’s fabulous and everyone single could benefit from this kind of support.” - Jennifer

Thank you, Pella, for helping my inner child feel more comforted and safe and for providing such a supportive and nurturing group. I really enjoyed the support of other women who are struggling with similar dating issues. I'm becoming more clear about what I want in a partner and it has really helped me grow ." - Emily

Thank you, Pella! As my role model, you inspire me to dream and to work and to reach. With your kindness, you inspire me to give unconditional love to myself and others. You planted seeds of curiosity and motivation to know, to grow and to succeed. You also help me fulfill my potential and I am thankful for ALL that you’ve contributed to it. I admire you and want to say you are #1; and will forever be in my heart!” - Liz

Pella, I want to thank you for providing me a greater & more mature understanding of what I need at this moment. The group helped me to feel less alone in my experiences and strengthened my inner self-worth." - Jen

Pella, thank you for providing a safe place for me to connect with such a fabulous group of women." - Annette

I believe that Pella is a true healer- her guidance and presence is a gift that I feel lucky to have received.” - Anonymous

There is something special about being part of a group that feels supportive and loving.” - Anonymous

This group has taken me out of my comfort zone and has pushed me to look inward at myself, to recognize my gifts, and my wants and desires and how to communicate these more effectively. “ - Anonymous

Pella is an excellent, fun and dynamic facilitator. She is spontaneous, creative, and so approachable. I love working with Pella!” - Anonymous

Being part of such a supportive group of women has helped me to alleviate feelings of isolation; recognizing that I am not alone in my own struggles and fears.” - Anonymous

Pella is wonderful and held the group beautifully. Her warm energy and positive regard created a sense of safety and openness in the group.” - Anonymous

Working with Pella helped me to discuss and flesh out areas of my relationships that have been challenging and needed examination.” - Anonymous

Her warmth and compassion create an environment conducive to openness and feeling heard and understood. “ - Anonymous

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