You have a deep longing for a wonderful, healthy, long-term relationship with a fabulous person. You’re ready to fully commit to creating loving partnership, but you need some help. You’re ready to take action to find your person, but you’re not sure how. It’s time for some expert support and strategizing...


We go through a multi-step process to help you get clear on what you want and what’s been getting in your way. I provide non-judgmental expertise to help you see any patterns and move through them. We create a personalized dating plan and strengthen your dating skills so you can find and build the relationship you really want, with support from me every step of the way.
We make a ‘map’ of your internal landscape, including your relationship history, attachment style, and dating strengths and struggles. This information is in dating and relationships, because it helps us strengthen your unique qualities and minimize anything that got in your way in the past. This information is critical to your success in dating and relationships, because it helps us strengthen your unique qualities and minimize anything that got in your way in the past.
We work on your Partnership Vision List and help you get clear on what you want in a relationship. We distinguish between your non-negotiables, strong preferences, and desires. You will have an inspiring vision of the life and relationship you want to create. Your vision becomes an excellent tool for helping you make choices about who to keep dating (or not), and to help us write or revise your online dating profile.
We create a customized dating plan tailored to your desires, strengths, schedule and budget. This includes creating an online profile that attracts quality potential partners online AND finding fun ways to meet people in ‘real life’. As you are getting crystal clear on what you want, you also learn how to date more strategically and how to be appropriately selective - with an abundance of potential partners to choose from.
I help you to notice and change any patterns that may be blocking you, and give you guidance about specific methods to help you to act in new ways. I hold your hand when it gets scary, and cheer you on when things go well. I’m there when there’s rejection, disappointment, or fear. I’m there to help you stay centered when you’re super excited and eager. I’m there to remind you to give someone a chance, or to help you let go of someone who is not showing up for you.
I am committed to helping you find your life partner and I’ve got numerous success stories (including my own) that keep me hopeful.

Through our work together:

You’ll learn more about your inner landscape and how to work with your unique strengths and struggles.
You’ll have a rockin’ online profile, a written list of your deal-breakers, desires, and preferences, and a system for sorting through potential matches.
You’ll go on as many dates as you want to, knowing that you have the perspective you need to make choices that are good for you.
You’ll have more confidence in your dating and relationship skills, and in your desirability as a partner.
Ultimately, you will have all the knowledge, skills and perspective you need to meet your life partner.


  • Partnership Vision List: clarity about what you need, want and desire in a relationship
  • A map of your internal landscape: your strengths and struggles as a dater and a partner
  • A rockin’ online profile that attracts the dates you want
  • A customized dating plan to help you meet quality potential partners online and off
  • Information about healthy dating, communication, relationships, flirting and sex
  • New ways of thinking and acting about dating and relationships


We’ll talk in real-time about what’s going on in your love life. I’ll listen to what’s happening for you (on multiple levels), give you feedback about what I see, and ask you questions to help you discover what is true for you. We’ll work on learning and applying new approaches to the specific situation(s) at hand. Together, we’ll make a plan for the best way to move forward, including any new skills you want to practice. You’ll walk away with next steps, new perspectives and things to work on between sessions.

For example, one client was totally stumped about why she wasn’t getting the response she hoped for online and couldn’t get past the first date. During our session, she realized that she felt so vulnerable she was sending “off” signals, making people think she wasn’t interested! Together, we brainstormed encouraging things she could write online and say on dates. Between sessions, she practiced and emailed when she got stuck. Now, she’s great at showing her friendly, warm, authentic self to dates and potential dates.

I want to be available to you throughout the week, so I offer email contact every weekday. You’ll let me know how you are doing and I’ll provide feedback and tips, and answer any questions you may have. You can let me know about your latest date, your latest online interaction, or any struggles you’re facing. Nothing is too boring, significant, trivial, or personal. You won’t be left alone, and you’ll have support on anything you want. You get to have me, a professional therapist and Dating Coach, in your back pocket.

I know that things happen quickly in the dating world and sometimes you need immediate guidance. When you need some urgent support, we’ll hop on the phone and talk as soon as we can.

I’ll look at your online pictures and profile, profiles of potential dates, email or text conversations, and your Partnership Vision list. You’ll get my expert eye on whatever you want, and I’ll provide feedback and advice on how to move forward.


"I would not be where I am in my love life without you and the work we did together. I am a completely new person around intimacy and finally found someone who is exactly the kind of quality person that you encouraged me to look for! With your help, I am where I want to be - in a healthy, loving relationship."

- Shay (Married May 2016)
"Pella helped me identify what was really important to me in a relationship. She is insightful, wise and kind. Working with her is like meeting up with an old friend who just happens to be an expert on dating and relationships. She is non-judgmental, positive and cares about your love life (probably as much as you do)."

- Jill (in serious relationship since January 2016)
I'm really grateful for the work we did together. You started me down a path where I could imagine what I wanted in a relationship and the conditions necessary to get there. Of course, there was some luck involved in connecting with S -- and I feel very, very lucky -- but you also helped put me in a place where I could see and want and pursue the wonderful person that entered my life."

- David (in serious relationship)
“I am grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and kindness. I'm regularly amazed and impressed by your breadth and depth of insights, from the practical to the profound. Your expertise is truly valuable and I know I'm in good hands with you.”

- Zah (in new relationship)
Pella really understands her clients. She is smart, experienced and savvy and knows exactly the right questions to ask to lead you to find your answers within yourself. I would highly recommend Pella as a dating coach!”

- Allison (actively dating)
“I have worked with many coaches and therapists over the years and Pella truly stand outs. What makes her unique is her ability to show up in her fully authentic self. I have grown so much in my work with her. Pella has the ability to see the bigger picture in regards to my past and present which makes me believe in my future. She has helped me travel such a long distance in such a short time. I can’t recommend Pella's dating coaching highly enough!

- Daniel (actively dating)
"Pella implemented certain tools which allowed me to quickly clarify what I was looking for and she was a wonderful support to then keep me on track to honor those desires through our weekly meetings. Working closely with her has allowed me to stay true to myself and my desires. She is greatly empowering! She offers objective, loving observations and feedback that really helped to see my situation from another perspective. Don’t waste any more time with the wrong people - get Pella’s help immediately!"

- Charlotte (actively dating)
Partnership Vision List Partnership Vision List
Map of Internal Landscape Map of Internal Landscape
Rockin’ Online Profile Rockin’ Online Profile
Customized Dating Plan Customized Dating Plan
Expert Information & Advice Expert Information & Advice
New Dating Strategies & Perspectives New Dating Strategies & Perspectives
Dating Mastermind Calls (every 2 weeks) Dating Mastermind Calls (every week)
Phone-An-Expert Lifeline (1 call every 3 months) Phone-An-Expert Lifeline (every month)
Expert Reviews (every 2 weeks) Expert Reviews (every week)
Commitment: 3-6 months* Commitment: 3-6 months*
Investment: $475/month Investment: $775/month
*10% discount for 6 month commitment


Interested in working together? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1:

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult using the button below. There are a few quick questions you’ll answer to help me get to know you a little before our call.

Step 2:

At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re a good fit before you commit.

Step 3:

We’ll get started! I’ll send you my New Client Welcome Package, you’ll make your payment, and you’ll schedule your first session. We’ll start by setting intentions for our work together and you’ll tell me more about your dating and relationship history.

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