About You

You’ve got a pretty great life. You’ve got great friends and a great career (or you’re working on it). There is a lot that you are passionate about and you know how to make things happen. Except when it comes to love relationships. Things just haven’t worked out for you. (Not yet.)

You want the full-course meal, the whole shebang, the real deal. You want a partner/spouse/lover/companion/sweetie who will truly get you, meet you on every level, and support you to live your dreams. You are sick of being alone. You’re tired of putting yourself out there and not finding lasting partnership.

You may have been in serious relationships before, or maybe you’ve never had a long-term relationship. You might be out there dating or maybe it’s been awhile. You may be aware of how you’re getting in your own way, or maybe you don’t have a clue. But you do know this: what you’re doing right now is not working.

And you’re ready to change. Not to change who you are, (why would you want to do that? you’re fabulous!), to change the way you date. To get more strategic. To get more choosy (about the right things). To get super clear on what you need. To get support. To be less alone. You want it all: passion, security, deep intimacy, romance and friendship. You want it now. And you’re ready to do the work.

You’re not alone. I’m here to help.

About ME

I’ve been there. I was single for many years before I met my now-husband. I was lonely, tired of dating, and sick of being single. It seemed like everyone around me was partnered, and I was sure there was something wrong with me because I was still alone. I did therapy, I read books, I went to workshops. I got my Master’s in Counseling Psychology and became a therapist. (All this while dating my brains out, desperately trying to find ‘The One’.) And then, finally, it happened.

My life changed. I met my life-partner and things were different. I had someone to share my world with, someone to support me in reaching for my big vision, someone to see me, to know me and love me - the real me - with all my struggles as well as my strengths. This kind of love is powerful medicine. It has healed me in many ways. And although my life and my relationship are far from perfect, they are pretty darn great. I want this for you. And I can help you get it.

I’ve made it my life’s work to learn about relationships and share my expertise with singles (and couples) around the globe. I’m here to share my wisdom, my insights, my strategies, and most of all my heart - and reveal the things that have worked for hundreds of other succesfully happy committed partnerships. Ready to get started?

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